Fujitsu's FGLair App

05  February 2019
Product Spotlight: Fujitsu's FGLair App

Control your home's climate anytime, anywhere!


Fujitsu FGLair app wifi diagramThrough the free FGLair app Fujitsu General's high efficiency RLS3Y and RLS3HY series heating and cooling systems can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

User Friendly Interface: User friendly screen display facilitates easy operation.

Operation from Anywhere: If you forget to turn off your system before you left your home - no problem! 

Error Display & Email Notificaiton: Get notified of any problems via smartphone or tablet.

Main Functions:

  • Fujitsu FGLair app interfaceON / OFF
  • Operation mode
  • Fan speed
  • Louver position
  • Set temperature control
  • Weekly timer
  • Minimum heat
  • ESP function
  • Error display
  • Email notification


FGLair app uses and functions

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