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The Unico System: central air conditioning that works where others canít

10  May 2018
Product Spotlight: The Unico System

The Unico System - central air conditioning

The Unico System: central air conditioning that works where others canít


  • Little to no build-out to install
  • The same cooling power as conventional systems 3X the size
  • Whisper-quiet performance
  • Even air distribution throughout the home
  • Up to 30% lower humidity for greater comfort at higher temperatures

Unico provides central air conditioning where other systems just wonít fit. Installing conventional ductwork can be complicated and involve major renovations, including dropped ceilings and soffits. Sometimes this just isnít practical or desirable. The Unico System is designed around flexible, small-diameter ducts that fit into the existing spaces in a home without sacrificing its charm or architectural integrity. Air outlets are circular or slotted in shape, can be installed on ceilings, walls or floors, and come in a wide variety of finishes that integrate inconspicuously with any dťcor. The result? Whole home air conditioning thatís virtually invisible and doesnít interfere with a homeís dťcor. Sound deadening design and components ensure you wonít hear the air conditioning system running, either. This is a truly unobtrusive home comfort solution.

The Unico Systemís mini ducts are encased in dual-layer insulation, which eliminates the leakage associated with traditional rigid metal ductwork. No leaks means a higher efficiency system that reduces energy usage and saves on power bills. The Unico System provides another layer of comfort and efficiency by removing up to 30% more moisture from the air than conventional central air. Lower humidity = greater comfort & more efficient system operation.

If you have customers with historic, custom, or architecturally unique homes who simply donít want to compromise their homeís unique character, but still want to enjoy the comfort and convenience of efficient central air conditioning, youíll want to take a closer look at Unico.

Want to learn more? Visit and talk to your Blodgett Supply sales rep!

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