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Grundfos ALPHA circulator pumps rebate

25  November 2017
Grundfos ALPHA circulator pumps rebate

$20 Rebate!

Reliable, high efficiency circulators

Valid through December 31, 2017

Get $20 back and make pump selection simple.


Boasting unrivalled energy-efficiency and easy installation, ALPHA2 is the best pump for covering your toughest heating demands, as well as 90% of air-conditioning and cooling demands. Featuring Grundfos' patented AUTOADAPT technology, ALPHA2 automatically adjusts operations speed to meet system demands, ensure the lowest possible energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.


The ALPHA1 is a variable-speed circulator built with reliable, electronically controlled Grundfos permanent magnet motor (ECM) technology. Featuring three-constant pressure control modes, an LED display and easy-to-use push button controls, the ALPHA1 is the perfect solution for domestic hydronic heating and hot water recirculation applications.

The ALPHA2 and ALPHA1 circulators can each replace more than 30 pump models:

005-F2-3 NRF-9F/LW Astro 20 Star S 16FX U P 15-10F
006-F7 NRF-22 Astro 25 Star S 21FX U P 15-42F
007-F5-5 NRF-25 Astro 30 Star S 21RFC U PS 15-42F
008-F6-1 Ecocirc 19-14 vario

Astro 230CI-R

Stratos ECO 16 RFC U PS 15-58FC
008-F6-3 Ecocirc 19-14 auto Astro 250CI-R    
00R-F6-1   Compass 20-20    









Key Features & Benefits

  • The only circulators you need – ALPHA2 / ALPHA1 will each replace more than 30 other pumps
  • Trusted technology – ALPHA products are built with 16+ years ECM experience and 65+ years hydronic experience (they’re not rookies)
  • Shorten your installation time – helpful features including standard or rotated flanges, plug and play start-up and nut captures, allow for quick and simple installation
  • No call backs – ALPHA pumps are the most reliable
  • Built in the US – ALPHA2 / ALPHA1 are built in Grundfos' Fresno, California plant

Technical Data

Flow, Q: max. 21 gpm (80 lpm)
Head, H:  max. 19 ft. (5.8 m)
Motor: 1 x 115V
Liquid temp.: 36°F to 230° F (2° to 110° C)
Working pressure: max. 150 psi
Watts:  5-45 W
Amps: 0.65 A
Approvals: ETL, NSF 61, NSF 372
Canadian ICES-003









Ask your sales rep or branch manager for details, or visit to get your rebate.

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